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Creative solutions.

A multi-disciplined creative team and a beautiful, fully equipped production studio. Perfect for audio and music production, as well as video production and photography services.

For everyone.

Sprout Wise is for any business, individual, non-profit or artist with a vision. We welcome anyone with a creative project to reach out and start a conversation.


Whether we're working with you face to face or remotely, our team provides your project with the support it needs. We also provide mobile media production & recording services.

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A fully equipped studio.

Our recording studio was built by award winning engineer & designer Martin Pilchner to ensure we deliver the highest quality in audio capturing and mixing. 

With access to a multi-level recording studio that has two mixing control rooms, isolations booths and all the high-end audio equipment you’ll need, Sprout Wise is a great place to produce your next audio project!

We also offer audio enhancement and restoration services.


Production & direction.

Anyone can record video with their Smartphone or Tablet, that’s why it’s crucial to stand above the crowd with crisp, high resolution video.

Sprout Wise offers video production services that let people know you took the time to create something that looks and feels amazing. Let our team provide the equipment and expertise to produce video you can be proud to share.


When creating a presence, both online and in print, you need professional level photography to capture people’s attention.

Let our team take care of your photography needs, from on-location shooting to graphic design and editing.  Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words, make sure yours count!

Lets make something creative!

Advertising & social.

Nowadays, publishing consistent media content is the only way to keep your customers engaged, informed and interested in your products and services.
At Sprout Wise, we work with you to create great content for your website, social media accounts, and YouTube as well as traditional advertising outlets such as radio, and television so you can stay connected with your audience.
We also offer strategic planning, so that your marketing campaign maintains a consistent vision from start to finish.  We take the time to develop and produce high-quality media content that’s meaningful and impactful. 

Experiential marketing.

It can be difficult to connect with your customers and gain their loyalty and trust, that’s why it’s important to create an impactful, positive brand experiences for your consumers so that they feel good about investing in your brand and business and your products. 
Sprout Wise can help you design and create an experiential marketing campaign to promote your products and services, and leave a lasting impression that cultivates a long-term relationship you’re your clients.


Website design & development.

Sprout Wise builds, designs and publishes the foundation for your online presence. We also offer many other thoughtful services to help grow your vision.

Let's build your next marketing campaign.

Write & record.

Composition & songwriting.

Sprout Wise offers songwriting and composition services so that you will have the perfect soundtrack for your creative project. Our team can score your film or commercial, write a jingle for your business, or even compose music for your theatre production. We also offer arrangement services which allow us to enhance the music you already have, so it can be heard at its fullest.

Record your music.

We have engineered, mixed, mastered and produced a vast library of music over many different genres from both artists and bands. Whether it's in our multi-level fully featured recording studio or on the go with a mobile recording, our team will work with you to deliver your sound.

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Artist development.

Publish your sound.

Giving an artist the right set of tools to succeed will make them stand out from the crowd. We can help you create a great website, build your brand on social media and develop the tools you'll need to move forward.

Grow your audience.

Distributing, licensing and marketing music is usually a big task. Sprout Wise has a long history of guiding artists through the process of releasing your music online and in people's hands. We also work with industry leading experts that can help lift your material.

Let's work on your next big thing.




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