We take audio seriously.

Our recording studio was built by award winning engineer & designer Martin Pilchner to ensure we deliver the highest quality in audio capturing and mixing. Let us take care of your sound design, we know what’s up.

We also offer audio enhancement and restoration services; just in case you need to fix the sound of audio captured somewhere else.

Fully equipped studio.

With access to a multi-level recording studio that has two mixing control rooms, isolations booths and all the high end audio equipment you’ll need. Sprout Wise is a great place to produce your next audio project.

Off-site recording.

If you’re looking to record audio in a specific location, Sprout Wise also offers on site recording and boom audio capturing for video. Let us bring our professional equipment and expertise to you.

Artist development.

Are you looking to write or record some music? Let us help you identify your goals, develop your material and guide you through the process of recording and publishing your music from start to finish.

Interested in recording something?
Please contact us today so you can fully realize you’re project’s sonic potential. Call 647 966 7464.