Digital content development, marketing strategy & media production


Video Production

Corporate Video

Promotional videos that highlight businesses and entrepreneurship


TygerShark is a Barrie based digital marketing agency that is innovating in the virtual reality industry.

Instant Weather is a innovative app and social media company saving lives through instant weather reports and updates.

Sprout Wise & SunFlow Roofing present Leanne and Ryan with a surprise to help them with their home.

Social Media

1 Minute short docs for small business and arts organizations


City of Barrie launched their new brand with a social media promotional video feature the best of the City.

Guelph Night Market is a cooperative events organization that hosts pop-up shops for local artisans and artists.

The Lazy Tulip is a quaint local cafe and brunch spot that offers a little piece of paradise.

Music Videos

Live studio performance videos and full production music videos


Sprout Wise presents the debut single music video "Desert Ritual" by rock band The Mystics.

Sprout Wise presents the Spotlight Series: an emerging artist video series which spotlights artistic talent in Ontario Canada.

Sprout Wise feautres a behind the scenes look at The Noolands and their new single “Nine to Five.”

Audio Production

Some of our radio jingles, audio branding & original commercial stock music

Web Development

Websites we’ve made, copy and key messaging, brand development & SEO and digital advertising


"Josh is an honour to work with as both a musician and as a person. I believe writing and producing music is a really personal process, and Josh not only demonstrates talent as a musician/producer, but also as a partner working collaboratively on a project. Josh thinks about the overall picture of an album and dives into each song to help bring out the best parts of the musician and the album. He is an incredibly talented musician and a producer that can connect with his clients - this allows for creative epiphany and beautiful collaboration. I couldn't recommend working with anyone more honestly than with Josh, in only a few sessions, I learned a lot about myself and my music from working with him and I can't wait to continue." -Steve Buzinski

"I had the honour of having Josh mix and produce my first album. When I think back to the whole process, my favourite and most enduring memories were those spent with Josh in the studio. His dedication and creative input made the cd release possible. To say he just mixed and produced would be an understatement. Josh is a perfectionist in the best sense of the word. He somehow found a way to let my imperfections shine I am forever grateful to have had the experience of working with him. I not only take away the album itself, but also memories in the studio where I can honestly say I had my most creative breakthroughs as an artist. He has an ear for music that can not be matched, and a heart that can be heard in the work he produces. I look forward to the day we are back in the studio for a second album. All we need is one idea and the rest will take care of itself.'“ -Sarah Clark

"I got to know Josh at my studio where he was an intern, and then later a partner. What made my relationship with him work was his positivity and enthusiasm for music and audio. I have worked with many talented people, but it all means nothing if they are jaded, negative and narrow. Josh was, and is the opposite of that. His work ethic is amazing, but that is beside the point. It might just be my own thing to do with Josh, but what I have always loved and will forever look forward to do with him is listen. We have spent countless hours in an endless digression of sharing and listening to audio that impresses us. Sometimes it is just starts with an example, but it morphs into hours of silently sitting beside each other pointing out the moments that are important for the overall conversation that only legitimate producers can have. Beyond lovers of music. Lovers of audio. I look forward to our next listening party." -Aaron Soch

"I cannot speak highly enough about Josh Doerksen. I have worked with him several times in the studio over the past 6 years and I honestly don't know where I'd be without him. Josh has always understood who I am as an artist and has helped me come out of my shell. Being in the studio with him is incredibly comfortable, productive and inspiring. His input is invaluable and he really knows how to tap into your vision on an intuitive level and bring out the best qualities of your music. I recorded my first "hit" with Josh - I will never forget staying up until the early hours of the morning to finish it. His hard work and dedication showed me what it means to love music; it's in his blood. I have no doubt that Josh will go on to affect the world through music and foster the talents of many other lucky individuals." -Daniel James

“Working with Josh has always been easy. He has obvious expertise in studio recording, which he combines with a relaxed attitude, making me, as the musician, feel good about the whole process. Along with his professional and accessible work ethic, Josh is open for interpretation and experimentation which adds to the joy and spontaneity of making music in a studio. I always look forward to playing my instrument around Josh and trust him to skillfully craft a good final product out of that experience.” –Claire Whitehead

“Working with Josh has definitely lifted my music to a higher level, far more than I ever anticipated. It was great to learn new things from him about songwriting and arrangement, while still keeping the realism and rawness of my music. It was a beautiful experience that I'll never forget for years to come. He has such an amazing versatility, and I felt each little suggestion he had made my songs sound better. He brings a level of enthusiasm that comes across in all his work. Overall it was an amazing experience working with him.” –Robin Holmes

“Several years ago, Josh helped me produce, direct, and shoot my first music video. In the weeks leading up the shoot, he maintained a great line of communication with me to ensure that my ideas would be executed accordingly. What stood out to me about the entire experience was Josh’s genuine desire to deliver a high quality product, even for something a simple as this project. He approached my project the same way he approached anything he did- with a degree of professionalism that truly inspired those around him to bring their best to the table. I had the chance to participate in a recording session with Josh for his first album, Try Your Love. I don’t know too much about what goes into recording, but I do know hard work when I see it. Josh ate, slept, and worked that studio to get everything he could out of it. Josh’s dedication and passion is a testament to the saying “the artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work.” -Nick Moore

"Before I even stepped foot in the studio, I was excited about working with him because he has a palpable enthusiasm and passion for what he does, along with an easy-going, receptive and professional demeanor. Josh helped me feel comfortable and confident in the studio, offering innovative suggestions to enhance our recordings but emphasizing capturing our band's authentic sound and energy. Josh was very focused on bringing out the best in us and I could tell he was completely present and focused on that goal during his time with us. We were all thrilled with the final product and couldn't have asked for a better studio experience. Josh truly lives and breathes this work, and combined with his talent, experience, and personality, he makes an exceptional producer." -Nicole Bilyea

"Josh was the person who introduced me to the studio, and I couldn't have asked for a better guide. He made the whole experience so comfortable and easy for me that any apprehensions I had prior to coming in disappeared almost instantly. His thorough understanding of the recording process facilitated the whole experience, and he was more than eager to explain to me why he was doing what he was doing. Josh has an honest and deep love of music and it becomes extremely easy to see that when you work with him, even for an hour or 2." -Dan Berezowski

"I’ve recorded only a few songs with Josh, but out of everything I’ve recorded the tracks he produced are my favourite. I first encountered his mastery when listening to two albums he produced, one being of a close friend and the second being his own. I couldn’t stop listening to these albums for weeks. My next experience was when he recorded my jazz group at a live performance. Every member of the band still listens to those recordings (several years later) as a highlight of our career as a group. He managed to capture the intimate atmosphere of the venue and audience. After that I asked him to record one of my solo acoustic songs, and what I appreciated the most of this experience was his creative input, his honesty and his professionalism. Having a producer that can contribute musically in the writing and recording process and tell you his honest opinion while keeping a professional behaviour is extremely valuable. It’s always been great working with Josh and I’m looking to the next time it happens!" -Joel Saunders